08 January 2013

Using Oracle JDBC with JRuby on Mac OSx

Please follow the below steps to create a jruby library to connect to any oracle database on Mac OS x using Java ODBC drivers.

STEP 1: Create the Library folder and the Ruby file. eg Sample.rb
Step 2 : Add Gemfile to enable using jruby to connect to the database

Step 3 :  add the following gems to the Gemfile
gem 'activerecord'
gem "activerecord-jdbc-adapter"

Step 4 : In the ruby file Sample.rb here please use the following lines and then write appropriate  code to access the data.

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base

      :adapter  => 'jdbc',
      :driver   => 'oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver',
      :url      => 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@server:port/sid',
      :username => 'ors',
      :password => 'ors'

      self.table_name = :table_name_here

        def self.all

          connection.select_all <<-SQL
                  select * from table_name_here

Step 5 : Go to terminal , run

bundle install 
jruby Sample.rb

Step 6 : If there is a driver not found error please download the driver from oracle site here 
and place it in /Library/Java/Extensions/ on your mac.

Have Fun !