13 June 2012

Creating a native iOS application !

Step 1 Installing XCode on the system

  • Download and install XCode from the App Center alongwith the Developer Tools

Step 2 Download the Phonegap SDK

  • Download and unzip the Phonegap SDK.
  • Now navigate to the iOS directory in the extracted source and run the Cordova-1.7.0.dmg and install it.

Step 3 Creating a XCode Project

Run XCode and create a new Project
Select the template
  • Cordova-based Application
This will create the a new project and include the neccesary Phonegap API Files.

Step 4 Changing the default compiler

  • Click on the application name and select BUILD SETTINGS tab in the center pane
  • Change the compiler in the BUILD OPTIONS from APPLE LLVM COMPILER to LLVM GCC

Step 5 Build and Run the Project

  • Click on the left top of the XCode window selecting the default device as iPad/iPhone Now run the Project. This would invoke the simulator and run the application on it.
  • Once the application runs a error will Popup stating the index.html is not found. Close the simulator and return back to the XCode project window.

Step 6 Include www folder in the project to start with application development

  • Right click the project name and select Show in Finder
  • Drag the www folder from the Finder to the Project
  • A window pop's up , select to create references to the files.

Step 7 Again BUILD & RUN

  • Now again build and run the project in an iPad/iPhone simulatore
  • This time it would show up the index.html which is located in the www folder. Also it would show up the Dialog stating that Phonegap was successfully integrated in the application

Step 8 Download JQuery Mobile bundle

Download the latest build of JQuery Mobile from http://jquerymobile.com/ Unzip the contents and add the files in the www folder categorizing the folders as
  • javascripts
  • stylesheets
  • `images'

Step 9 Including the JQuery mobile in the application

  • Open index.html and create references to the javascript and css files located in the www folder using the html tags

Step 10

Add a few lines of HTML to the index page and use the JQuery classes and the Phonegap api function calls to implement the features of the native application as desired
More Documentation available at

Step 11 * not tested though

  • Once the application is complete or for on Device testing a Apple's Developer License is required to sign the applications.
  • After signing it , push the application to PhoneGap Build https://build.phonegap.com/.
  • Download the build package and deploy to th Device.

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