09 August 2012

Installing RMagick with Imagemagic on Windows 7/Vista

2. Install Imagemagick
Use the 32 bit version, 64bit is not working.
http://www.imagemagick.org/download/binaries/ImageMagick-6.7.6-1-Q16-windows-dll.exe (2012-03-22)
Install dev headers (Check!)
Install into C:\opt\

3. Restart the console/cmd prompt/IDE/.. or just restart windows to make Imagemagick commands available

4. Install rmagick
gem install rmagick --platform=ruby -- --with-opt-lib=C:/opt/ImageMagick-6.7.6-Q16/lib --with-opt-include=c:/opt/ImageMagick-6.7.6-Q16/include


  1. Don't works on ruby 1.8.7

  2. Thank you so much!
    It worked for me.
    i have wasted my 3 days to install rmagic to find out how to install Rmagic and finally found solution here.

    My Ruby version -> 1.9.3

    Rails version -> 3.2.9

    ImageMagick version ->ImageMagick-6.8.3-2-Q16-x86-dll.exe

    i have installed ImageMagick here -> C:\opt\ImageMagick-6.8.3-Q16

  3. Man, thanks a lot!
    It was a very big help!


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