30 April 2013

Starting With Rubymotion


 RubyMotion is a revolutionary toolchain for iOS.
It lets you quickly develop and test native iOS applications for iPhone or iPad, all using the awesome Ruby language you know and love.

 To start with Rubymotion we would need

  1. A Mac
  2. Ruby
  3. xCode
  4. Command Line Build Tools
  5. Rubymotion
  6. Text editor
  7. Little knowledge of the Cocoa API's
  8. Faith, Hope and Goodwill
Assumming that the setup is done without any issues, Lets start

Check for an update for the Rubymotion installer
sudo motion update
Creating our first application
motion create RssReader

Structure of the Rubymotion application

Explaining the structure of the application
  1. app_delegate.rb : Entry point of an iOS application
  2. Default-568h@2x.png : Default Splash Screen for iPhone5
  3. main_spec.rb sd: Main spec file
  4. Rakefile : Application configuration

Running the application on the Simulator

So this is the first very basic application which we have put up and running on a simulator.

I will be moving step by step from the basics of using Ruby alongwith Cocoa and creating a Demo application throught it.

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