08 June 2014

Using Frank with Rubymotion

Writing acceptance tests for iOS application in Rubymotion

Steps involved

1) Add the motion-frank gem to the Gemfile
2) Run the initializer rake frank:init_features
3) Now you have the features directory.
4) Write a sample test

Feature: Navigating around the app / smoke test
  As a user
  I want to be able to get to all parts of the app
  So I can use it and not get confused or lost
  Given I launch the app
  Given I am on the search Screen with empty search
Scenario: Search
  Given I am on the search screen
  Then I should see a navigation bar with label text "Search"
  When I fill in a search term
  Then I should see a navigation bar with label text "Results"
5) Save this as a xyz.feature file
6) Run rake frank to see this test fail
7) Add the step definition file in the features/step_definitions named something like xyz_steps.rb
8) Add step methods describing the steps and what should happen on the simulator to match the test. 

Given(/^I am on the search Screen with empty search$/) do
  wait_for_element_to_exist_and_then_touch_it("textField placeholder:'Search by name'")

Given(/^I am on the search screen$/) do
  check_element_exists("textField placeholder:'Search by name'")

and go on ....

Go through the sameple steps and implementation in the frank-cucumber library to get hold of more methods to test the UI.

Also you can use rake frank:symbiote to get the list of UI elements accessible for testing in a simulator.

Run "rake frank:symbiote" in the Rubymotion directory and once the simulator is up with the application open the browser and navigate to "localhost:37265" 

Quick Tips : 

1) For ruby code which like occurs in multiple step file , write ruby files in the support folder such as
def check_search_bar
  check_element_exists("textField placeholder:'Search by name'")
Now you can use this check_search_bar method in any step definition file & reduce the amount of code you write to get your code working.

Happy Testing with cucumber !! Its fun. 

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