08 June 2014

Best Jenkins Plugins I use !

1. Compress Artifacts Plugin

Keeps build artifacts compressed to save disk space on the master. 

2. Copy To Slave Plugin

This plugin allows copying files located somewhere on the master node into the jobs' workspaces, whether their builds take place on the master node or on slave nodes. 

3. Cucumber Reports Plugin

This plugin creates pretty cucumber-jvm html reports on jenkins 

4. Delete log

This plugin add action delete log to build page. If the build is build of matrix job, the action delete log for all its configurations too. 

5. Green Balls

Because green is better than blue! For color blind support configure user property. 

6. HTML Publisher plugin

This plugin publishes HTML reports. 

7. Jenkins disk-usage plugin

This plugin counts disk usage. 

8. Jenkins Gravatar plugin

This plugin shows Gravatar avatar images for Jenkins users. 

9. Timestamper

Adds timestamps to the Console Output. 

10. embeddable-build-status

This plugin adds the embeddable build status badge to Jenkins so that you can easily hyperlink/show your build status from elsewhere. 

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